Readings with Alta & Native American Shawls
Readings with Alta & Native American Shawls

Readings with Alta & Native American Shawls!

(Medium / Seer)


A medium spiritual life reading is an in depth evaluation of ones soul both past and present and is intended for those individuals who want a deeper insight about their lives.

Join Alta, for an evolutionary experience.

*Spiritual Guidance
*Evaluation of ones Soul, past, present and future
*A deeper insight of ones life journey
*Addressing loved ones and those who have passed on
*Guardians in your Spiritual circle
*Love life and marital relationships
*Pets; Missing; Passed on; Social behavior

Alta’s inspired talents are spawned from her ability to relax into the expanded mind of Compassion. Within this sacred space of reality, Alta is beyond the veil of Self-Interest and she is free to open her vision of awareness into the holographic reality and in answering her questions she is able to draw insight into the impressions of your life. This encompasses the physical and spirit worlds of reality.

Alta’s 20+ years of experience has supported the lives of thousands of people, both domestic and international. She has inspired the hearts of celebrates, CEO’s, politicians, musicians, media personalities, as well as many citizens throughout the world.

In 2000, Eve Ziebart, the columnist for the Washington Post, in a book titled, “The Unofficial Guide of New Orleans”, graciously introduced Alta. The article indicated that the community of New Orleans revered “Gentle Alta”. It was clear that she was the favorite of many in this great town.

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Readings with Alta & Native American Shawls


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